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Imelda Tan, PT, DPT, CES

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Dr. Imelda Tan, PT, DPT, CES helps patients in Midtown East and throughout Manhattan recover from fractures, using advanced techniques to help patients regain strength and mobility and avoid future injury.

Fractures Q&A

What are the symptoms of a fracture?

It might seem like all broken bone symptoms would be similar, but in fact, the symptoms of a fracture can vary significantly depending on the extent or severity of the break and its location. Some of the most common symptoms of a bone fracture include:

  • tenderness, redness or swelling over the area of a suspected fracture

  • pain when placing weight on a bone suspected of being broken

  • significant pain when moving a limb or joint

  • a joint or bone that's bent at an odd angle

  • hard, painful bump under the skin at the site of injury

  • limited range of motion in a joint

If you have any of these symptoms and especially if you have osteoporosis or another condition that means you're more at risk for breaking bones, you should schedule an appointment right away to be evaluated.

How are fractures treated?

Fractures require immediate evaluation and care. Treatment typically begins with an x-ray or other diagnostic imaging to evaluate the extent of the fracture and plan treatment. Depending on the type of fracture and whether one end of the bone has been displaced, repositioning of the bone (called reduction) may be needed to ensure the ends of the bone are properly aligned. Most fractures require casting, although some relatively minor fractures such as fractures of a finger may recover with splinting aimed at immobilizing the area while it heals.

How can physical therapy help me heal?

Physical therapy following a fracture can help you regain strength and mobility in the area so you regain range of motion and even prevent future damage to the area. When a fracture occurs due to a work, hobby or sports activity, Imelda can help you learn ways to engage in those activities so the risk of future fractures is reduced.

Insurance & Direct Access

Physical Therapy is a medical expense covered by most major insurance plans. In order for therapy to be reimbursed by insurance, a doctor's prescription is usually required.  However current trends in Physical Therapy now allow therapists practicing in New York State to evaluate and treat patients without an MD referral or prescription. This is called Direct Access. You are entitled to a 30-day treatment period or 10 visits, whichever occurs first. This is an advantage for patients who wanted to get immediate care without making an appointment with the doctor. After performing the evaluation, your Physical Therapist will communicate with your primary care physician regarding medical findings as necessary. If further treatment is needed, then a referral from the physician is required. 

Most insurances pay for treatment under Direct Access. Our Insurance experts will verify coverage prior to your first physical therapy appointment. If your insurance plan doesn't pay for Direct Access, we can assist you in getting a Physical Therapy prescription/referral or you can payout of your pocket for a discounted fee in order to receive treatment.

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