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Imelda Tan, PT, DPT, CES

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Dr. Imelda Tan, PT, DPT, CES uses state-of-the-art treatment approaches to help patients in the Midtown East area of Manhattan and throughout the Greater New York City area understand the causes of their shoulder pain and receive the most effective and appropriate therapy to help them reduce painful symptoms while improving range of motion.

Shoulder Pain Q&A

What causes shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be either acute (occurring suddenly) or chronic (developing and persisting over time), and there are many different causes of both types of pain, including:

  • ligament and tendon injuries

  • pulled muscles

  • nerve injuries

  • shoulder dislocation or separation

  • rotator cuff injuries and tears including impingement

  • fractures

  • arthritis

  • tendinitis

  • inflammation of interior structures that aid in movement

Imelda will perform a thorough evaluation of your symptoms to develop a course of therapy that will help reduce pain while developing strength and helping the shoulder regain range of motion.

What is “frozen shoulder”?

Frozen shoulder is a condition that occurs when tissues surrounding the joint become stiff and, often, scarred, resulting in pain, stiffness and limited range of motion when moving the shoulder or raising the arm. Frozen shoulder most often occurs following a period of immobility of the shoulder, such as following surgery, injury or disease like a stroke. Physical therapy following any of these occurrences can help prevent the development of frozen shoulder.

What is bursitis?

The shoulder contains tiny pockets of fluid called bursa that help cushion the shoulder and facilitate pain-free movement. Bursa can become inflamed and irritate as a result of prolonged pressure on the joint or activities requiring repetitive motion.

How does physical therapy help treat or prevent shoulder injuries?

In shoulder treatment, physical therapy is aimed at reducing pain and inflammation while restoring strength and range of motion to the joint. Therapy is important following an injury to the shoulder, clavicle or arm or after surgery, and it can also be very helpful for people with arthritis or other chronic diseases that can increase the likelihood of shoulder pain or injury.

Insurance & Direct Access

Physical Therapy is a medical expense covered by most major insurance plans. In order for therapy to be reimbursed by insurance, a doctor's prescription is usually required.  However current trends in Physical Therapy now allow therapists practicing in New York State to evaluate and treat patients without an MD referral or prescription. This is called Direct Access. You are entitled to a 30-day treatment period or 10 visits, whichever occurs first. This is an advantage for patients who wanted to get immediate care without making an appointment with the doctor. After performing the evaluation, your Physical Therapist will communicate with your primary care physician regarding medical findings as necessary. If further treatment is needed, then a referral from the physician is required. 

Most insurances pay for treatment under Direct Access. Our Insurance experts will verify coverage prior to your first physical therapy appointment. If your insurance plan doesn't pay for Direct Access, we can assist you in getting a Physical Therapy prescription/referral or you can payout of your pocket for a discounted fee in order to receive treatment.

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